Overheard in Spain

  • Looking at a field of cows: “Wow, look at all of those goats!”
  • “Oh, you mean six o’clock in the afternoon?”
  • Host mom to host son: “If you get the tattoo, I’m not going to give you money to go out with your friends this weekend.” (He’s 30)
  • Me trying to explain where I’m from:
    – “I’m from Winston-Salem in North Carolina… It’s kind of near Raleigh or Charlotte? …Like the south east part of the United States? …On the Atlantic Ocean side? …I guess it’s sort of close to Washington D.C…”
    – “Ooh I know where that is!”
  • -“Yeah it wasn’t too expensive. It was 70 euro round trip.”
    -“Oh 35 each way isn’t bad!”
    -“No it was 70 round trip.”
  • Teacher: “For your presentation, choose a small, local company.”
    Girl: “How about Nike?”
    Me: “I think he means a small, one-office company with less than 50 employees.”
    Girl: “What about Ryan Air?”
  • “There’s only two rules on the bus, you can drink… Actually, I guess that’s the only rule.”
  • Teacher: I’m so sorry I forgot to come to class earlier this week. And especially to Matt because I waved at him as he was on the way to the class, and I still forgot.
  • “Please be on time… Please only be ten minutes late”
  • Teacher looking at an empty class: “Where is everyone? Was there a party last night?”

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