Wise Words of Wisdom from my dad

My dad’s a pretty cool guy. So cool that I’ve never seen him wear a t-shirt. When it’s cold outside, he even doubles up and wears two collared shirts. Here’s just a few of the funny things that come out of his mouth:

“Yeah I had the chance to study abroad too. It was called the army.”

“My name is Mr. Kelley but you can call me by my first name…… Sir.”

Steve on Jos A Banks: “Buy one get four free? I’m not going till its buy one get five free!”

Mom: “Aw Steve, what a nice card”  Dad: “Yeah I told Hallmark what to write.”

Me: “It’s like 50 degrees in here, can you turn the heat on?” Dad: “What do you want, a jacket for Christmas?”

Client: “Who should I make this check out to?” Dad: “Just make it out to Obama, he’s getting all of it anyway.”

Dad: “Oh wow, Laura, you got your hair done! It looks great!” Mom: “No, that’s tomorrow.” Dad: “Oh.”

How to get free movie rentals: A short guide by Steve Kelley

Three free Redbox Movies (No purchase necessary). One time my dad rented a movie at Redbox, but the disc was scratched and wouldn’t play… So he did what any other Baby Boomer what do. He wrote a note explaining the problem and requesting a refund, taped it to the DVD, and put it back in the machine. About a month later, he received an apology from Redbox in the mail along with a refund AND three free movies.

Two for the Price of One (Good at any movie store). Another time my dad was really excited to watch a Blu-Ray movie he just rented. However, at the time, we still had an old-school tube TV, so it obviously wouldn’t play. He took the movie back to Family Video, where they patiently explained the difference between Blu-Ray and DVD, and threw in two free movie rentals.


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