The Best of StumbleUpon in One Page

Or how I reached Level 24 of the Internet. I never meant to reach 24,000 page views on Stumble Upon, but here we are. Here’s the best of the best of the best.

This post is going down in three parts: Part 1: “Stumble Upon”, A photo Essay by Ryan Kelley. Part 2: Links that you better click on or I’ll be mad at you. And Part 3: Funny Youtube Videos that I promise you haven’t seen before.


If you only click on one thing from this post, make it Where else can you find a video of George W Bush breakdancing to techno music with puppies in the background? And it’s customizable! (Note: You must be on a computer and Google Chrome Browser for this to work).

Find out why Craigslist is really dangerous in E-mails from an Asshole. This guy Mike goes on Craigslist and haunts people with hilarious insults, overkills, and misreads.

Have you ever had the feeling that all a professional DJ does is press play and then dance around a bit? Well now you can too! allows you to mix two songs together and play around with loops, sound effects, and filters until you believe you can too.

Brittany swears some of these videos aren’t real, but I promise they are. Check out,  Anything is Possible, highlights include BMX backflips on a tricycle, throwing a girl through a basketball net, and (my favorite) jumping hands free into a car window.


The 21st Century is a great time to be alive.

See why Remi Gaillard probably got arrested for doing sports wrong.

The answer to the age old question…. “is mayonnaise an instrument?”

Find out how one black man defeated the entire KKK and left them looking foolish.



COMING SOON: “Stumble Upon Part II,” A guest column by Becca Martin


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