Products That Don’t Suck and You Should Buy Too: Dorco Razors

First of all, I’m not a paid spokesman and this is America so you should buy whatever you want, but this product really doesn’t suck.

It’s like the Dollar Shave Club, but better. You buy razors online directly from the manufacturer and they show up on your door in 2-3 days. The quality of the razors is 100% just as good as Gillette, and it costs about 75% less than anything you’ll find at the drug store.

In case you still don’t believe me, here’s a chart:


I even got my dad to start using these razors. For 20 years he claimed he would never use anything with more than 2 blades, and now he’s in love with the six-bladed Pace 6. “I’m going to wait to upgrade until they have one with nine blades now,” he says. The company also sells women’s razors which I’ve given as gifts to my mom, sister, and girlfriend.

So let’s summarize: 1. These razors are made in the USA. 2. It’s 75% less expensive than Gillette. 3. Shipping is usually free and you can find coupons on

It’s a close shave, but not a close call. Lol. Check it out at


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