Sporcle Quizzes That Are Worth Your Time

What is Sporcle? One might ask… It’s kind of like “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader” meets a 12 hour TV marathon of Jeopardy. But there’s thousands of games on this website and you’re a busy person, so here’s the best of the best (of the best).

Can you name the movies from this portion of their posters?

This one is my personal favorite. The quiz will show part of a movie poster (like Ghostbusters or The Incredibles) and you have to remember what movie it came from.

Can you name the missing words from these 2000s hit song lyrics?

I bet you can’t remember all the lyrics to Hey Ya! and Ignition Remix.

Can you name the 4-letter words that will complete each of the clichés in this word ladder?

Word ladders are really cool. It’s a series of trivia questions and each answer shares 3 of the 4 letters with the answer above and below it. Is that too confusing? Here’s an easy one to get you started.

Can you name the corporate logos?

This quiz shows a bunch of corporate logos and you have to answer with who’s logo it is. See how much of a sell-out you are…

Can you name the 7 Sins, Dwarfs, and Spice Girls?

This is a matching quiz so maybe a little bit easier. I almost had it until I forgot all the Spice Girls.

Family Feud

Okay, so this one isn’t technically on Sporcle, but it still deserves an hour of your attention. It’s exactly what you think it is… Family Feud on your computer.

If you want to keep playing, there’s usually a button in the bottom left-hand corner for “Next Quiz,” or if you’re feeling lucky hit “Random Quiz” in the top right. Meanwhile, I’ve been back on Stumble Upon, so be on the lookout for “The Best of StumbleUpon: Part 2.” Here’s a recap in case you missed Part 1.




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