The Texting and Waiting Game… A Statistical Analysis

I really hope this isn’t too confusing but here’s the basic hypothesis:

If it takes you a really long time to text me back, is that going to affect how long I take before replying to your text? I’ll test this hypothesis on three (unbeknownst to them) test subjects; my girlfriend (Brittany), my sister (Erin), and a guy friend (Harrison). But let’s start with our null hypothesis…


Here’s a graph assuming the Texting and Waiting game is an exact science. In this model if it takes you 4 minutes to respond to my text, I’ll wait exactly 4 minutes before responding to your text.


PSA Brittany is my girlfriend. It looks like I respond to her texts pretty quickly here no matter what… I know better than that.


So this data is a little skewed because most of the texts are all clustered around (0,0). It looks like it takes Erin (my sister) a long time to respond every now and then 🙂


My buddy Harrison is notoriously bad at texting… but then again it doesn’t look like I’m all that better. Notice the axes quickly jump up to 16,000 minutes aka 11 days.

In Conclusion, I don’t have a conclusive conclusion on the Texting and Waiting Game. If anything, I think the time it takes me to respond to your text depends more on our relationship than how long it took you to respond.

As always, every post ends in a poll:



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