Coke vs. Pepsi vs. Coke Zero (a statistically insignificant study)

In full disclosure I don’t really drink sodas but I decided to do a blind taste test and rank them anyway. Here’s the main takeaway; the older Coke Zero formula is better, although they all taste about the same.

2017-10-08_14-49-52 Ryan

Takeaways from Ryan: I used to be a huge jerk for always replying “No, Pepsi isn’t okay” given that I preferred Pepsi to Coke in a blind taste test. Also I may have missed every guess but at least I was able to differentiate between sugar and sugar-free.

2017-10-08_14-49-28 evan

Takeaways from Evan: Evan likes to drink both Coke and Coke Zero so these results probably won’t affect his soda drinking habits. Plus it doesn’t really matter that he likes the old formula better because it’s now been totally replaced.

What to look for next: Cut-Throat (billiards) statistics: Does order matter? Is rock-paper-scissors really random?


Your high school class schedule: As told by Pulp Fiction

My friend Zach is studying to be a teacher so I put together a few “lesson plans” to get him started…

Geography Class:

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English Class:

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French Class:


“A royale with cheese”

If there’s a smart mouth in the class…

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It's illegal to carry it, but-but that doesn't matter, 'cause get a load of this.

“…if you get stopped by a cop in Amsterdam, it’s illegal for them to search you. I mean that’s a right the cops in Amsterdam don’t have.”




Embarrassing Pictures of Other People on My Phone


I really hope no one is mad at me after this one…


This man is a teacher now.


Looks just like Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder.


Bobby practicing his sorority squat in the background.


“Teenage pregnancy” Halloween costume.


Middle School….


Alex eating grapes in apple sauce??




This entire album literally could have just been pictures of Vic.


A little off topic but my mom forgot to turn off the grill one time…


The 2012 Mount Tabor Academic Team….


This one is def cool.


We’ve all been there…












Photo Evidence that Ryan Doesn’t Know How to Use Photoshop

Here’s how I imagine my next job interview going…. “Ryan, Do you know how to use Photo Shop?” “No.” “Can you prove it?” “Yes.”



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Uncovering Ryan’s Google Search History: An Exposé

Here’s a list of questions I’m too embarrassed to ask in public but just dumb enough I’ll post on the internet. Answering life’s toughest questions like  “how to food” and “is it safe to buy advil from Mexico.”

May 12: “does butter have  carbs” –Surprisingly no, no carbs in butter.

May 7: “baby its 3 a.m. and I must be lonely” –Looks like I was looking for the Matchbox 20 song…

May 3: “a nation’s pride (1944)” –A fictional movie from the movie Inglorious Bastards.

April 3: “how many days in April” –Appropriately asked on April 3.

March 27: “mens book club near me” –This one wasn’t my idea…

March 24: “when guys brunch” –I don’t remember what was going on here… I do like brunch though.

March 21: “suddenly i don’t feel so insecure” –Strange I know but it’s a Sum 41 song.

March 21: “why do we have social security” –Mainly to decrease poverty for the elderly and protect people from poor financial investments.

March 19: “urban dictionary keeping it real” Find out what happens when keeping it real goes wrong here.

March 17: “fake news” –Lots of news about fake news.

March 14: “is charles schwab a bank” –I think so but the fact that I had to ask that question means I probably shouldn’t be using them.

March 12: “Can I spray paint beer bottles?” –Yes its generally safe if you ever have the need, just don’t get paint near the cap.


How Much Does it Really Cost to Have a Girlfriend: A One-month Study

I already know your first thought… Brittany (your girlfriend) is going to kill you! Probably true but I did it anyways. Over the past month, I kept track of every direct cost of having a girlfriend.

May 1: Britt bought ice cream for me. Cost: $3.5. Running total: -$3.50 (dollars to have a girlfriend each month).
May 4: Britt bought me an expensive cocktail at Calavera. Cost: $10. Running total: -$13.50.
May 8: I bought ice cream. Cost: $3.50. Running total: -$10.
May $19: I bought a round of drinks at Top O.  Cost: $6. Running total: -$4.
May 20: Erin (my sister) gave me tickets to a Brad Paisely concert. Cost: free! We went to dinner beforehand at the Loop. Cost: $9.50. Running total: $5.50.
May 23: Dinner at Imbibe, I had a gift card so it was basically free. Don’t go here for food though… 1 star.
May 31: So this one’s on me. I really wanted to go to a Green Day concert and I think the only way I could convince anyone to go with me was if I buy a ticket for Britt. Cost: $65. Running total: $70.50.

This isn’t a perfect sample size but here’s the verdict; $70.50 per month to have a girlfriend (which I think is actually one of the lightest months to date). In other words, $846 per year or $56,682 per lifetime but who’s counting.


cost benefit 2

Ryan’s Car Survival Kit: 13 things that will either save your life or make your life slightly more convenient

Maybe this is just the Boy Scout in me but everyone should keep these things in their car. I can’t guarantee the save your life part but you’ll be dry when it rains, have light when it’s dark, and your swimsuit when it’s time to party.

  1. First-Aid Kit- I bought one from Walmart for $5 and added a few things to it.
  2. Flashlight- A close #2… Keep it in your glove box.
  3. Rain jacket/umbrella- If this were a bingo game this would be the free space.
  4. Cash- $20 should be fine. I stashed it in the first-aide kit so I don’t end up spending it on beer (but you could if you needed to).
  5. Pocket knife
  6. Duct Tape- For literally everything else.
  7. Jumper Cables
  8. Warm Jacket- It gets cold, even in the summer.
  9. Change of clothes- Mainly in case I ever spill coffee on me at work.
  10. Swimsuit- This is the slightly more convenient part ^^^
  11. Toothbrush/toothpaste
  12. Lighter- I don’t smoke, I just occasionally need to burn things.
  13. Cell phone charger- Assuming most people already have one anyway.

***BONUS POINTS: Don’t forget to check the air pressure in your spare tire, they do go flat!!